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Magnetic Roller

We are Leading Supplier and Importer of Doctor Blade, Wiper Blade, PCR Roller, Magnetic Roller, OPC Drum, Supply Transfer Roller, Developer Roller, Magnet Spring, Printer Cartridge Spring, Toner Cartridge Chip in India.

IJET Part No. Description
Magnetic Roller FOR USE IN
IJETHM-2612A Q 2612 A
IJETHM-435/436/388A CB 435A/36A/88A
IJETHM-Q5949A/7553A Q 5949 A / 53A
IJETHM-Q7551A/6511A Q 7551 A / 11A
IJETHM-4096A C 4096 A
IJETHM-2610A Q 2610 A
IJETHM-8061X C 8061 X
IJETHM-1338/39/43/45A C 1338 A/39/42/45
IJETHM-4129X Q 7516 A
IJETHM-Q7516A C 8061 X
IJETHM-4182X C 4182 X
IJETHM-364A C 364 A
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